Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom and Dad

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Galveston & SeaWorld

Hello it's me Bao again. I'll talk about our adventures to the Sea. First of all, we went to the beach and stayed there for awhile. We had fun there too. Also, we went to SeaWorld. It was a exciting place to go. Now, let us begin.

Even though the wind was blowing and there were no trees, we found out that the wind was strong. You know why? Well, because the beach ball was going backwards at a high pace. Well, let me get started for real now. Before we went to the beach we had to get ready so when we went there, Brian and Aaron would be in the car too. We needed to get ready and pack up to the car so that we wouldn't forget anything. So when we left early, we had to wait along time. In the car ride we played many games. Like. Guess what has 8 legs and is brown and black. Can't figure it out? Hint #1: Long is scared of them. Still? Hint #2 It makes spiderwebs. Congratulations on figuring it out. Well that was only one of the things we asked. When we got to the beach. We had to wait in a line and change. When we got to get our places in the sand, we directly went into the water. Don't worry, we had sunscreen on. Since the water is saltwater, our mouths had salt and our eyes burned! AHHH! Then we played SandBall fight. It requires sand and two or more people. I prefer you to be in the water, but you can be outside. Then we made castles after we got out of the water. We also made sandmen. Uncle Rudy got covered first. Then I was. Of course, it was funny what they did to me. We ate snacks and went back to the water to feel the waves. We went home after that. Now let's talk about SeaWorld. Yay!!!

Hello Folkes. This is my story of SeaWorld. Hope you enjoy it. We left home at 7:00 AM and arrived at like 11:00. It was a killer ride. When we got there, we had to find a parking spot and go get tickets. When we went in, they check our bag. Let me fast forward. First of all, it was great. We went to many shows. Our first one was Pirates 4-D. It was fun. AYE Matey! Then we went to our first roller coaster ride. It was small. It was called Shamu's Express. Everywhere we go, there was a long line. So when we got there, I almost got sick since I haven't been on a roller coaster in awhile. Then we went to Journey to Atlantis. It was a water slide. We went up and then went backwards. After that, we went straight down into the water. Then we went to watch some shows. The second roller coaster was a tube with 6 seats and log riding. We got wet a lot. Also our feet was hurting really badly. Before some of these roller coasters, we watched Shamu, The Killer Whale, and also we watched Sea Lion, also, some other ones. I forgot some of them lol. After those shows and roller coasters. We ate and Mike, Long and me went on the Steel Eel. It was a big yellow one that goes fast down. I had to be convinced in doing this. Let me talk about the roller coaster. The first drop was a big one. The second drop scared me the most even though it wasn't big. Why? well the first drop wasn't scary, but the drops were continuous. Then we got off and we rode The Great White. O.o At first I thought it was scary, but it's not. Even though your feet aren't touching the ground and your heart is racing to get out. It wasn't scary. It lasted for around 30 seconds and I was anxious to get out too. I regret not going again. This lasted for around 9 hours. Oh, and let me tell you the truth about something. I closed my eyes for some of these. Well that's all folkes and good night/morning.

Next time, I will continue the short storyline. So keep on reading it.

- Bao

Friday, July 3, 2009

Erica's "Surprise" Birthday Party

Hello, It is Long from the MLBCrew and I will be posting about Erica's 21st birthday party. We had already planned Erica's party a few weeks before the actual date, but Erica already knew what day it was going to be. She helped out with preparing the party. Many family members came to congratulate Erica on becoming 21. Of course it wouldn't be a party without games and cake, so we had a family field activity (FFA). Everybody had fun, except for the part where everybody threw water balloons at Erica and Angela. After the fun and games, Erica showed everybody that she could still play the piano well. She played "River Flows in You" by Yiruma. It was spectacular. Then, everybody was moved into the living room to watch a video that was about Erica.

- Long

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Weekend at the Chung's

Bonjour everybody. Just so you know, it means Hello in French. I think. Well anyways, this is our recent blog about the Chung's. The first thing is when we did the yards... Ok so here it goes. The wind was calm and the trees moved slowly. The lawnmower and weedcutter were sitting outside, waititng to be used. Michael, weedcutter. Long, lawnmower/camera. Bao, camera/lawnmower/fighter. Snowball, the Maltese. So now you know the main characters. So here it goes. The setting is at 10 o'clock. Ok so the first thing Long and Mike did was cut the front yard. I just used the camera and take some good pictures/videos. They had a long fight against the heat. Long kind of did a bad job so he had to cut it up again. Mike just yelled and did his job. I didn't want to cut it, but I had to eventually. The backyard was like a jungle, but without the animals. I had to carry the lawnmower in and then I cut it. I had many fights during the time. I had to fight Nature. I won the first round and lost the second. Third round just killed me and I won in the end somehow. It took us a lot of work, but we managed to finish it. I then cleaned up and that;s the ened of the first one.

Part 2. Bowling. I had a blast at bowling. At first, I thought it was easy, but i epicly failed. I got 5 points for no reason and scored 1 afterwards. I scored two strikes later in the first game. The other people did way better than me and Long even beat me :( . Everybody did great that time and Mike won it. The second game started. It had an opposite effect for some people. Thanh and Henry did bad. Long did even worse. Michael did a good job with a score of 80, I think. Uncle Tom did great too. Brandon, Henry's friend won that game. He was dominating us. The real killer thing is this diet pepsi really kills me right now. Oh yea, my turn in bowling. I did good this time. I got second place and one time, I curved a ball with superb skills. I almost got a strike or spare. So that was a fun time.

Part 3. Omg......!!! No wonder this diet pepsi taste bad... EWWW... It expired December 15, 2008. Now look what it is today. No taste of pepsi.. I think i'm going to be sick.....Ok so where were we. Oh, right, Part 3. Vi. Long, not the one you know, and Jie Jie had yet another kid. Vi. Oh she is so cute. Vinh too. Vi had cute hands and feet. They were so soft. Suddenly a terrifying sound came upon us. It sounded horrible and it awoke everyone from their sweet dreams. There was a accident with the alarm system and the alarm broke out in tears. It took awhile to fix it. Then we got through talking and hugs and picture and videos.

Part 4. Wow. this is a long blog. OK so we were at Aaron' and Brian's house. We got to see them feed their dog. It is cool. We then got to play basketball. Aaron and Vinh were sitting in the game room playing games. Mike, Long, Brian, and I played horse and 2 on 2. Long and I lost on 2 on 2 and Brian destroyed all of us. Then I got an accident in the face and had to sit out for some of horse. When I came in, Mike had trouble with some of my shots. Then I got him to S, but somehow I lost. It was tragic and I just had to miss it.... Brian won I think. He probably got MvP.
Well after that. We played a few games and then went to Fu Fu. It rained badly and then we went back home. When we went to say goodbye and drove back home, we sae that a street was flooded. Well that was it for that day.

Part 5. A new drink. Just kidding. It's Our long lost house in Conroe. We even took pictures of it. Before we did that, we had to find a Region's bank, which took us forever to find. So when we went to the house we took pictures and pictures and pictures. Well that's all folkes and Goodbye.
Now let's continue my fight with Long. Round 2.

- Bao The Destroyer

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Week at Phi and Stella's

This week was a blast I tell you! It was amazing how it started out and ended. Well you don't want me to ruin it for you now so let me get started. It was a long summer day. The wind was blowing and the branches fell down. Our buddy Long here wanted a change in his hair so we decided that it needed a change. This idea was delightful and it all happened really quickly. Long's hair was finally completed. It was like a masterpiece. He had a change in style (well his hair didn't change at all but his color did). It became a highlight of blonde. We had lots of fun when we did it. Now onto our next thing. This was a mission given to us by Phi. He wanted us to do two things that only we can do. Change the filters. So as you can see, we basically had to check everything, get the supplies, and replace it. You might think this is easy, but it was too hard for us. We didn't even know what the filters were (except the air filter). So the day started out when we went to Lowe's. We had trouble looking for it because we didn't know what it looked like. We eventually found it. The funny thing is that Long saw it and moved on.... Well then we got the air filter and went back home. We switched it even though we had some trouble. Also we got some help from Phi.

Who? What? When? Where? How? Michael Tran. Cooking. Read the title. Read it again. Stella and the instructions. Well you know the 5 basic facts of this story. It all began when Stella needed some help. So Mike volunteered. So she said that he would make and bake for the next three days. Well it didn't conclude in three days, it ended in two. The first day was at night, when Mike was needed. He was to make cake. MMMhmm that's delicious. Just so you know, it was lemon pie. The second day came upon us and he had to heat up some pork chops. See that was short. Happy? :)

Now onto the big stuff. Projects that took us a lot of effort. My project was to clean the backyard. I had to make it small again and well, it was easy. I got the weed cutter and cut it down to inches, maybe centimeters. So it took about 20 to 30 mins and that did the job. Of, course I had some problems, but I overcame it eventually.... About the same time I did it, Long was helping Phi organize and give stuff to the Salvation Army. They got quite some stuff and gave them it. Then they went to Target (I suppose). After that they had to clean the garage. Also organize like I mentioned up there. It probably took about twice our time. Also the funny part is that Mike and me had a race. The score is 1-1.

Final Day. Again, it was a long, dry summer day. We had to wake up extra early in order to finish our list of "things to do". We woke up around 9:30 and we had to eat quick. We did of course and went to the park with Long, Mike, Stella, And Bently. We had fun until I did something horrible. I threw the frisbee up into the trees. We almost got it down and then we just left it there. No, It did not get stolen. We ate breakfast and went swimming. Too bad we didn't have the camera so those two hours was not spent too well. For some reason a toy was overthrown and became lost. I think are billing address for these broken/lost items are going to be high. Well, back to the main story. We came home and got some stuff prepared. Then at around maybe 5 to 7 we went back to the park. The frisbee was lying on the floor so we guessed that the wind pushed it down. We took some pictures and threw the frisbee around. Then a TRAGIC accident happened. Mike fell into a mudpool. His DC sandals were terrifying as the final product. What happened? Well when he fell into the pool, his sandals were unlocked from his feet and became stuck. Again, another item broke but we found them eventually.

Well, I'm happy you could even read all this. Thank you and have a great day. One last word. Happy Father's Day!!! :)

- Bao

Monday, June 15, 2009


When I first found out I was going to Cancun to celebrate Phi's bachelor party, there was only one thing I had my mind set on -- to get rid of all the fast-food hamburgers and french fries that I had been accumulating throughout my college life. Up until that day, I never had any motivation to get back into shape after 3 years of cross country, two semesters of weightlifting, and a year of tennis in high school. I managed to gain nearly 15 pounds towards the beginning of my sophomore year in college and was weighing about 165. I told myself, "You will not be the fattest groomsmen for Phi's wedding!" Through motivation, I was able to drop to 147 by the time the trip came!

When we landed in Cancun, I had horrible allergies. I kept sneezing, my eyes were itchy, and three hours after the flight my ears hadn't popped yet. It was so bad so I took some allergy medicine and drank lots of water. Thankfully, the whole thing only lasted for one night. The hotel we were staying at was really nice. All the foods and beverages were inclusive and their services were top notch. The next morning we had breakfast and went off to the sandy beach. Man, the water was so blue and beautiful. I've never seen more nicer water in my life. We played 6 on 6 volleyball, football, water basketball, some more volleyball, and our own made-up game of handball that entire day from 11am to 7pm. We probably burned more calories than we ate that entire day. We were really beat.

The next day we went on our ATV excursion located on a ranch. It was so cool, because the trails we were riding on wasn't flat the whole way. We rode on rocky terrain for about ten minutes where my butt was semi sore from all the bumps. Then we got on the sandy beach where there was a small ramp we got to ride over. The whole thing lasted for about 2 hours and all the white t-shirts Stella made for us with our nicknames on the back got dirty. Despite some accidents that happened along the excursion, I came out perfectly uninjured and had a blast on my first ATV ride.

In conclusion, the trip was a lot of fun because I got to hangout with most of Phi's groomsmen and experience the wonderful beach of Cancun. If I had to pick out my most enjoyable moment of the trip, it would probably be our own made-up game of handball. The game was intense and tiring because not only were we playing on sand where it made us slower, but also because you were constantly moving and jumping. It was an activity where everyone participated so it was that much more enjoyable. Basically, the game was so fun that if you asked Phi what his most enjoyable moment in Cancun was, he'd probably say the same thing too. I had a great time and it's definitely a trip I'm going to tell all my friends about.

- Michael

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How I saved Phi's shirt.

Ni hao. It's me Bao! Today was great because I had a lot of adventures. First of all, I woke up having a dream about sugar, lots of sugar. Well, this dream probably came true because this adventure is weird. Ok now lets go to the main event. It first started out on a Tuesday morning when I did this. I was so hungry that I kept eating candy, food, and drinks. I wanted something more, so I ate ice cream. The bad thing is that I was wearing Phi's shirt and I accidentally spilled and smeared the ice cream on it. I was like "Uh-Oh." Then I came up with an idea that would be perfect. Since it was already dirty, I decided to color it and design it. It took a lot of effort, but I finally pulled it off. "Phi's shirt" had a "little" makeover.

- Bao

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spending time at Brian and Aaron's house

Ohayou minna! This is our adventure at Brian and Aaron's house. They were excited about us staying at their house. At first, they bombarded us with many questions. Like, where were we staying, how long are we going to be in Texas, what was our mom's name, and many more. When we were going to Thanh's graduation (which we did not take pictures for Uncle Tai because we forgot to bring the camera) we all rode in their car. When Aaron saw us, all he could say was, "Kill the tall one!"(inside joke) While we were at their house, we played many games with them. Bao was really into playing with them. He liked using the red lightsaber the most. When Bao was not with them, he was playing Ro (Ragnarok Online). I was mainly playing Spiderman on the PS3 with Aaron, or rather Aaron was mainly playing it. On the last day, Bao and I played Dragonball Z on the PS3, while Aaron and Brian went to Kung Fu school. We played 1 on 1 and I beat Bao. He said that I cheated and got very angry. I told the whole family about what happened. They all tried to convince Bao to open the door and stop getting mad over a game. We have live footage of the action. In the end, everything worked out and we managed to have a good day.

- Long

Friday, May 29, 2009

Project Week 1 - Repairing Henry's Throne

This week, Uncle Tai gave us our first task(s). We were to repair Henry's computer. That took us awhile because we had to clean it out in the garage. Before we actually started doing the project, we played basketball with a small ball and goal. We had a lot of fun until something went wrong. Long messed with the tennis ball. I think that the ball string probably got a little bit loose. I, well, hit the light up on the ceiling. Michael just kept working out. Then we got to clean out the computer. We took out the cover of it and cleaned it out with the powerful air sprayer. After this scene, we brought everything to the dinner table. We had some fun while setting it up. We also had a hard time setting it up because of two things. First was the power cord. We didn't have it because Uncle Tai didn't have it with the other stuff. We called him and found it in the study room, locked up in a small cabinet. After it turned on we did a few steps on making it download Vista. Then, a hurricane of problems came upon us. We had the wrong cd-key. How did we know? Well, first we tried changing the keys that we were hesitant about. Then Uncle Tai came home and tried to prove us wrong. He tried putting in the cd-key multiple times until he went to check the real cd-key. He found out the he had wrote down the wrong key. Between the invalid cd-key part and the final touch, we had lots of fun and some very funny parts in what we did.

- Bao the Entertainer