Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spending time at Brian and Aaron's house

Ohayou minna! This is our adventure at Brian and Aaron's house. They were excited about us staying at their house. At first, they bombarded us with many questions. Like, where were we staying, how long are we going to be in Texas, what was our mom's name, and many more. When we were going to Thanh's graduation (which we did not take pictures for Uncle Tai because we forgot to bring the camera) we all rode in their car. When Aaron saw us, all he could say was, "Kill the tall one!"(inside joke) While we were at their house, we played many games with them. Bao was really into playing with them. He liked using the red lightsaber the most. When Bao was not with them, he was playing Ro (Ragnarok Online). I was mainly playing Spiderman on the PS3 with Aaron, or rather Aaron was mainly playing it. On the last day, Bao and I played Dragonball Z on the PS3, while Aaron and Brian went to Kung Fu school. We played 1 on 1 and I beat Bao. He said that I cheated and got very angry. I told the whole family about what happened. They all tried to convince Bao to open the door and stop getting mad over a game. We have live footage of the action. In the end, everything worked out and we managed to have a good day.

- Long


  1. Very good video....excellent job. The video tells a good story and I like the ending. Quite entertaining!!!

    ...and Bao, like Brian said,'s just a game!!!

  2. Captures the enjoyment of Brian and Aaron's special bonding days with their cousins. Also, pin-points the major trigger of Bao's tantrums!!!

    Keep up the great work in showing us the memorable stories unfolding during your summer vacation in Houston.