Monday, June 15, 2009


When I first found out I was going to Cancun to celebrate Phi's bachelor party, there was only one thing I had my mind set on -- to get rid of all the fast-food hamburgers and french fries that I had been accumulating throughout my college life. Up until that day, I never had any motivation to get back into shape after 3 years of cross country, two semesters of weightlifting, and a year of tennis in high school. I managed to gain nearly 15 pounds towards the beginning of my sophomore year in college and was weighing about 165. I told myself, "You will not be the fattest groomsmen for Phi's wedding!" Through motivation, I was able to drop to 147 by the time the trip came!

When we landed in Cancun, I had horrible allergies. I kept sneezing, my eyes were itchy, and three hours after the flight my ears hadn't popped yet. It was so bad so I took some allergy medicine and drank lots of water. Thankfully, the whole thing only lasted for one night. The hotel we were staying at was really nice. All the foods and beverages were inclusive and their services were top notch. The next morning we had breakfast and went off to the sandy beach. Man, the water was so blue and beautiful. I've never seen more nicer water in my life. We played 6 on 6 volleyball, football, water basketball, some more volleyball, and our own made-up game of handball that entire day from 11am to 7pm. We probably burned more calories than we ate that entire day. We were really beat.

The next day we went on our ATV excursion located on a ranch. It was so cool, because the trails we were riding on wasn't flat the whole way. We rode on rocky terrain for about ten minutes where my butt was semi sore from all the bumps. Then we got on the sandy beach where there was a small ramp we got to ride over. The whole thing lasted for about 2 hours and all the white t-shirts Stella made for us with our nicknames on the back got dirty. Despite some accidents that happened along the excursion, I came out perfectly uninjured and had a blast on my first ATV ride.

In conclusion, the trip was a lot of fun because I got to hangout with most of Phi's groomsmen and experience the wonderful beach of Cancun. If I had to pick out my most enjoyable moment of the trip, it would probably be our own made-up game of handball. The game was intense and tiring because not only were we playing on sand where it made us slower, but also because you were constantly moving and jumping. It was an activity where everyone participated so it was that much more enjoyable. Basically, the game was so fun that if you asked Phi what his most enjoyable moment in Cancun was, he'd probably say the same thing too. I had a great time and it's definitely a trip I'm going to tell all my friends about.

- Michael


  1. Very impressive that you lost that much weight. Looking like Mr. Stud Muffin and a half now! :-) more it's Mr. Gangster!

    Great job, Michael! Stay focus and determined... no short cuts to success... just a lot of hard work.

    Good pics...looks like you had a blast!

  2. Where are the sexy speedos? With such a beautiful backdrop, I was expecting more body-hugging bottoms on you guys.

    Ohhhh... where are the beautiful latinas?

    Sounds like the sunny trip was filled with lots of sweat and muscle-toning activities.