Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Weekend at the Chung's

Bonjour everybody. Just so you know, it means Hello in French. I think. Well anyways, this is our recent blog about the Chung's. The first thing is when we did the yards... Ok so here it goes. The wind was calm and the trees moved slowly. The lawnmower and weedcutter were sitting outside, waititng to be used. Michael, weedcutter. Long, lawnmower/camera. Bao, camera/lawnmower/fighter. Snowball, the Maltese. So now you know the main characters. So here it goes. The setting is at 10 o'clock. Ok so the first thing Long and Mike did was cut the front yard. I just used the camera and take some good pictures/videos. They had a long fight against the heat. Long kind of did a bad job so he had to cut it up again. Mike just yelled and did his job. I didn't want to cut it, but I had to eventually. The backyard was like a jungle, but without the animals. I had to carry the lawnmower in and then I cut it. I had many fights during the time. I had to fight Nature. I won the first round and lost the second. Third round just killed me and I won in the end somehow. It took us a lot of work, but we managed to finish it. I then cleaned up and that;s the ened of the first one.

Part 2. Bowling. I had a blast at bowling. At first, I thought it was easy, but i epicly failed. I got 5 points for no reason and scored 1 afterwards. I scored two strikes later in the first game. The other people did way better than me and Long even beat me :( . Everybody did great that time and Mike won it. The second game started. It had an opposite effect for some people. Thanh and Henry did bad. Long did even worse. Michael did a good job with a score of 80, I think. Uncle Tom did great too. Brandon, Henry's friend won that game. He was dominating us. The real killer thing is this diet pepsi really kills me right now. Oh yea, my turn in bowling. I did good this time. I got second place and one time, I curved a ball with superb skills. I almost got a strike or spare. So that was a fun time.

Part 3. Omg......!!! No wonder this diet pepsi taste bad... EWWW... It expired December 15, 2008. Now look what it is today. No taste of pepsi.. I think i'm going to be sick.....Ok so where were we. Oh, right, Part 3. Vi. Long, not the one you know, and Jie Jie had yet another kid. Vi. Oh she is so cute. Vinh too. Vi had cute hands and feet. They were so soft. Suddenly a terrifying sound came upon us. It sounded horrible and it awoke everyone from their sweet dreams. There was a accident with the alarm system and the alarm broke out in tears. It took awhile to fix it. Then we got through talking and hugs and picture and videos.

Part 4. Wow. this is a long blog. OK so we were at Aaron' and Brian's house. We got to see them feed their dog. It is cool. We then got to play basketball. Aaron and Vinh were sitting in the game room playing games. Mike, Long, Brian, and I played horse and 2 on 2. Long and I lost on 2 on 2 and Brian destroyed all of us. Then I got an accident in the face and had to sit out for some of horse. When I came in, Mike had trouble with some of my shots. Then I got him to S, but somehow I lost. It was tragic and I just had to miss it.... Brian won I think. He probably got MvP.
Well after that. We played a few games and then went to Fu Fu. It rained badly and then we went back home. When we went to say goodbye and drove back home, we sae that a street was flooded. Well that was it for that day.

Part 5. A new drink. Just kidding. It's Our long lost house in Conroe. We even took pictures of it. Before we did that, we had to find a Region's bank, which took us forever to find. So when we went to the house we took pictures and pictures and pictures. Well that's all folkes and Goodbye.
Now let's continue my fight with Long. Round 2.

- Bao The Destroyer


  1. LOL...Visiting the Chung's and no picture of them. :-)

    Great video...great story!!!!...although I don't understand most of it, especially part 3-5.

    Keep up the good work...like you said...Work hard, and still have fun!!!

  2. I agree... where are the Chungs?

    Bao, good story... but could be trimmed a bit. Long should proof-read afterwards. However, I laugh so loud whenever I read how the wind and trees are doing in each blog.

    Great video clips of your hardworking projects. Gives us an idea for your next one. Love the pics and clip of little Vi with Grandma!!!