Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Week at Phi and Stella's

This week was a blast I tell you! It was amazing how it started out and ended. Well you don't want me to ruin it for you now so let me get started. It was a long summer day. The wind was blowing and the branches fell down. Our buddy Long here wanted a change in his hair so we decided that it needed a change. This idea was delightful and it all happened really quickly. Long's hair was finally completed. It was like a masterpiece. He had a change in style (well his hair didn't change at all but his color did). It became a highlight of blonde. We had lots of fun when we did it. Now onto our next thing. This was a mission given to us by Phi. He wanted us to do two things that only we can do. Change the filters. So as you can see, we basically had to check everything, get the supplies, and replace it. You might think this is easy, but it was too hard for us. We didn't even know what the filters were (except the air filter). So the day started out when we went to Lowe's. We had trouble looking for it because we didn't know what it looked like. We eventually found it. The funny thing is that Long saw it and moved on.... Well then we got the air filter and went back home. We switched it even though we had some trouble. Also we got some help from Phi.

Who? What? When? Where? How? Michael Tran. Cooking. Read the title. Read it again. Stella and the instructions. Well you know the 5 basic facts of this story. It all began when Stella needed some help. So Mike volunteered. So she said that he would make and bake for the next three days. Well it didn't conclude in three days, it ended in two. The first day was at night, when Mike was needed. He was to make cake. MMMhmm that's delicious. Just so you know, it was lemon pie. The second day came upon us and he had to heat up some pork chops. See that was short. Happy? :)

Now onto the big stuff. Projects that took us a lot of effort. My project was to clean the backyard. I had to make it small again and well, it was easy. I got the weed cutter and cut it down to inches, maybe centimeters. So it took about 20 to 30 mins and that did the job. Of, course I had some problems, but I overcame it eventually.... About the same time I did it, Long was helping Phi organize and give stuff to the Salvation Army. They got quite some stuff and gave them it. Then they went to Target (I suppose). After that they had to clean the garage. Also organize like I mentioned up there. It probably took about twice our time. Also the funny part is that Mike and me had a race. The score is 1-1.

Final Day. Again, it was a long, dry summer day. We had to wake up extra early in order to finish our list of "things to do". We woke up around 9:30 and we had to eat quick. We did of course and went to the park with Long, Mike, Stella, And Bently. We had fun until I did something horrible. I threw the frisbee up into the trees. We almost got it down and then we just left it there. No, It did not get stolen. We ate breakfast and went swimming. Too bad we didn't have the camera so those two hours was not spent too well. For some reason a toy was overthrown and became lost. I think are billing address for these broken/lost items are going to be high. Well, back to the main story. We came home and got some stuff prepared. Then at around maybe 5 to 7 we went back to the park. The frisbee was lying on the floor so we guessed that the wind pushed it down. We took some pictures and threw the frisbee around. Then a TRAGIC accident happened. Mike fell into a mudpool. His DC sandals were terrifying as the final product. What happened? Well when he fell into the pool, his sandals were unlocked from his feet and became stuck. Again, another item broke but we found them eventually.

Well, I'm happy you could even read all this. Thank you and have a great day. One last word. Happy Father's Day!!! :)

- Bao


  1. What a full hard working week for you guys !!! Great summary and video clip of the adventures at Stella & Phi's crib. Bao, we need your expertise in weeding the backyard when you come back. The blonde sheep still needs some pruning cause it looks like a wig :( Mike needs to decontaminate his favorite flip-flops.

    Another great blog! Keep up the innovative story telling and video clips...

  2. The best video yet. Lots of funny clips. The story telling is quite entertaining.
    Long needs a haircut.
    Bao needs to edge a bigger backyard to prove that he is a true warrior.
    Michael needs donation to replace this flip flop.

    Excellent job, guys!!! Wedding day is coming soon, so let's start working on the love story of Phi and Stella soon!!!