Friday, May 29, 2009

Project Week 1 - Repairing Henry's Throne

This week, Uncle Tai gave us our first task(s). We were to repair Henry's computer. That took us awhile because we had to clean it out in the garage. Before we actually started doing the project, we played basketball with a small ball and goal. We had a lot of fun until something went wrong. Long messed with the tennis ball. I think that the ball string probably got a little bit loose. I, well, hit the light up on the ceiling. Michael just kept working out. Then we got to clean out the computer. We took out the cover of it and cleaned it out with the powerful air sprayer. After this scene, we brought everything to the dinner table. We had some fun while setting it up. We also had a hard time setting it up because of two things. First was the power cord. We didn't have it because Uncle Tai didn't have it with the other stuff. We called him and found it in the study room, locked up in a small cabinet. After it turned on we did a few steps on making it download Vista. Then, a hurricane of problems came upon us. We had the wrong cd-key. How did we know? Well, first we tried changing the keys that we were hesitant about. Then Uncle Tai came home and tried to prove us wrong. He tried putting in the cd-key multiple times until he went to check the real cd-key. He found out the he had wrote down the wrong key. Between the invalid cd-key part and the final touch, we had lots of fun and some very funny parts in what we did.

- Bao the Entertainer


  1. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! I am anticipating your next exciting blog and find out what wonderful things you've learned from the Master of Disaster. You should send a link to your Mom and Dad so that they can see what you guys are up to... Looks like GREAT THINGS will happen to each of you as long as you FOCUS !!!

  2. Very impressive! I enjoy the creativity and get a good laugh everytime I watch it.
    Great job, guys!

    Mike, you should redo your bio to say I enjoy destroying my big brother Phi in basketball.