Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Galveston & SeaWorld

Hello it's me Bao again. I'll talk about our adventures to the Sea. First of all, we went to the beach and stayed there for awhile. We had fun there too. Also, we went to SeaWorld. It was a exciting place to go. Now, let us begin.

Even though the wind was blowing and there were no trees, we found out that the wind was strong. You know why? Well, because the beach ball was going backwards at a high pace. Well, let me get started for real now. Before we went to the beach we had to get ready so when we went there, Brian and Aaron would be in the car too. We needed to get ready and pack up to the car so that we wouldn't forget anything. So when we left early, we had to wait along time. In the car ride we played many games. Like. Guess what has 8 legs and is brown and black. Can't figure it out? Hint #1: Long is scared of them. Still? Hint #2 It makes spiderwebs. Congratulations on figuring it out. Well that was only one of the things we asked. When we got to the beach. We had to wait in a line and change. When we got to get our places in the sand, we directly went into the water. Don't worry, we had sunscreen on. Since the water is saltwater, our mouths had salt and our eyes burned! AHHH! Then we played SandBall fight. It requires sand and two or more people. I prefer you to be in the water, but you can be outside. Then we made castles after we got out of the water. We also made sandmen. Uncle Rudy got covered first. Then I was. Of course, it was funny what they did to me. We ate snacks and went back to the water to feel the waves. We went home after that. Now let's talk about SeaWorld. Yay!!!

Hello Folkes. This is my story of SeaWorld. Hope you enjoy it. We left home at 7:00 AM and arrived at like 11:00. It was a killer ride. When we got there, we had to find a parking spot and go get tickets. When we went in, they check our bag. Let me fast forward. First of all, it was great. We went to many shows. Our first one was Pirates 4-D. It was fun. AYE Matey! Then we went to our first roller coaster ride. It was small. It was called Shamu's Express. Everywhere we go, there was a long line. So when we got there, I almost got sick since I haven't been on a roller coaster in awhile. Then we went to Journey to Atlantis. It was a water slide. We went up and then went backwards. After that, we went straight down into the water. Then we went to watch some shows. The second roller coaster was a tube with 6 seats and log riding. We got wet a lot. Also our feet was hurting really badly. Before some of these roller coasters, we watched Shamu, The Killer Whale, and also we watched Sea Lion, also, some other ones. I forgot some of them lol. After those shows and roller coasters. We ate and Mike, Long and me went on the Steel Eel. It was a big yellow one that goes fast down. I had to be convinced in doing this. Let me talk about the roller coaster. The first drop was a big one. The second drop scared me the most even though it wasn't big. Why? well the first drop wasn't scary, but the drops were continuous. Then we got off and we rode The Great White. O.o At first I thought it was scary, but it's not. Even though your feet aren't touching the ground and your heart is racing to get out. It wasn't scary. It lasted for around 30 seconds and I was anxious to get out too. I regret not going again. This lasted for around 9 hours. Oh, and let me tell you the truth about something. I closed my eyes for some of these. Well that's all folkes and good night/morning.

Next time, I will continue the short storyline. So keep on reading it.

- Bao

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